Although it is not confirmed that the nut helps you to erect as a man, it is a known fact that it contains Vitamin E and this helps the sperms to move actively to fertilize the eggs.

This is probably what fascinates the men and causes them to continually make a fuss about tiger nut. In almost every part of the country, Atadwe is one of the foods that are easy to find.

This is a homemade atadwe milk or tiger nut pudding with tips for success.


2cups Tigernut (wash well and soak in water overnight)

1/3cups Local rice (soak overnight or 4hrs)

1/2cups Dark brown sugar/ caramelized sugar syrup

1/2tsp Salt

4cups water (as needed)


  • Add water, tiger nut and rice together and blend in a food processor or a very sharp blender
  • Strain in a fine-mesh strainer to extract the milk. You can add water to the chaff and blend again to extract more milk
  • Use a cheesecloth or silk scarf, place over the strainer and give it the final strain to trap any excess chaff.
  • Add the brown sugar or caramelized sugar syrup, salt and give it a good stir
  • On medium heat, use a whisk or rubber spatula to stir it continuously in the same direction
  • Stir continuously till thickened and no longer tasting raw. Turn off heat
  • Pour into a serving glass to cool down.
  • Serve it warm or cold with or without evaporated milk.