See how you score on this fitness test created by EXOS, a training facility that preps NFL players for the season.

1) Bench-press.

Bench 125% of your body weight. (If you’re 180 pounds, try to bench 225 pounds.)Without letting your butt come off the bench, do as many reps as you can.

0 reps: 1 PT

1–2 reps: 2 PTS

3–4 reps: 3 PTS

5+ reps: 4 PTS

2) ISO chinup hold.

Grasp a pullup bar with an underhand grip. Pull your chin above the bar; hold for as long as possible. Lineman wannabes, do this test with body weight. Aspiring receivers, don a 30-pound weight vest.

0–5 secs: 1 PT

6–15 secs: 2 PTS

16–29 secs: 3 PTS

30+ secs: 4 PTS

3) ISO Oblique Hold.

Lie on your left side on a bench, legs straight, hips hanging off it, hands across your chest. (Have someone hold your legs.) Lift your torso until it’s parallel to the ground. Hold for time. Rest, switch sides, then repeat.

0–10 secs each side: 1 PT

11–29 secs each side: 2 PTS

30–39 secs each side: 3 PTS

40+ secs each side: 4 PTS

4) Broad jump.

Stand a few inches behind a line. Leap forward as far as you can. Land on both feet. (If you take a step forward or fall over, the jump doesn’t count.) Measure from the line to your heels.

0–5 feet: 1 PT

6–8 feet: 2 PTS

9–10 feet: 3 PTS

11+ feet: 4 PTS

5) Shuttle run.

Set a clock for 12 minutes. Dash 50 yards;sprint back. Rest for the remainder of the minute; begin another sprint when the next minute starts. Do 12 rounds; track how many you finish in less than 17 seconds.

0–4 rounds: 1 PT

5–8 rounds: 2 PTS

9–11 rounds: 3 PTS

12 rounds: 4 PTS

YOUR SCORE: 5: Everyone has to start somewhere. 6–13: Just missed the cut! 14–19: 53-man roster, here you come. 20: Antonio Brown who?