If youve been on Snapchat, Instagram, or hell, anywhere on the internet in the last few years, you know that DJ Khaled is the reigning king of media.

From the way he shows off his Miami mansion, his bountiful jewelry, and his penchant for flying private jets, it's clear that Khaled (whose real name is Khaled Mohamed Khaled) has turned that media presence into a mega empire.

Of course, there's way more to DJ Khaled than the character you see online. He's also a bonafide musical hit machine and a longtime producer for some of the biggest names in the game, meaning he's been raking in the Benjamins for more than this 15 minutes of fame. Here's everything we know about DJ Khaled's net worth.

DJ Khaleds first job was as a record store clerk.

In 1993, Khaled began his musical career at Odyssey Records, a record store located in the Carrollton Shopping Plaza in Mid-City New Orleans. The job was short lived: Gary Holzenthal, the owner of the store, explained to the Miami New Times that Khaled was caught using the store's phone to make long distance calls to New York City record labels in a bid to get noticed.

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"I think that may have been how we ended our professional relationship," Holzenthal said. But it wasn't the end for Khaled.

DJ Khaled persevered throughout the 90s, making $100 a week.

"I had less than $20 in my pocket, just like my dad did when he moved to America, and I had the clothes on my back. ... It was time for me to conquer Miami. I didn't know exactly how I was going to do it, but I knew I had to," Khaled shared with the Miami New Times about his 1994 move to the Florida city. There, CNBC reported, he gained a small amount of notoriety, DJ'ing at different clubs and pulling in a mere $100 a week.

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In 1998, Khaled caught a small break when he became a part of The Luke Show, which aired Friday nights from 10 to midnight. Once again, he wasn't earning the big bucks. He was nearly homeless, he explained to the Miami New Times, sometimes sleeping at his girlfriend's parents' home, or in her car.

But when that show came to a close in 2003, Khaled was handed his very own program, where he stayed on the air for another decade, and where he played his own breakout hit, We Takin' Over, in 2006. In that same year, Khaled also founded We the Best, a record label that has worked with everyone from Rick Ross, Lil' Wayne, Future, and more. That's when he finally started pulling in millions.

DJ Khaleds net worth is an estimated $20 million.

Khaled is truly living the American dream. Through hard work, perseverance, hit records, producing, DJ'ing, becoming a best selling author, and fronting several endorsement deals, he's been able to put about $20 million in the bank and counting, according to CelebrityNetWorth.com.

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"My journey in life, I have always been told, 'no,'" Khaled once told Ellen Degeneres on her show. "And I always took them 'nos' and turned them into 'yes,' you know what I am saying? I always believed in my path, my vision. Even though I know you have to go through trials and tribulations in life - but I do know there is sunshine on the other side."

We're sure he's not done making hits just yet. He must have...another one coming.