7 ways to save money on transportation in Ghana

Walking is good for your pocket and your health.

Public transport in Ghana

2. Replace 4-wheels with 2-wheels

Caution: Always wear your helmet and be extra careful when riding in town. Using a 2-wheel is very economical and fast.

3. Use public transportation

Public transportation saves you money on gas, parking, car maintenance, and more.

4. Join a neighbor’s car

It is advisable to join your neighbor or colleague’s car especially practical where you regularly travel to and from the same location. Car maintenance cost and fuel can be split to save money.

5. Buy less fuel consuming car

Why don’t you park the big cars for special occasions and use small models which are less expensive? In addition to operating costs (fuel and maintenance), there are savings from insurance, licensing and depreciation.

6. Minimise fuel cost

To save money on fuel, use the most efficient routes, avoid traffic jams, and find someone to share your ride and split costs. Always buy the right products and right quantity of fuel and other gasoline.

7. Take care of your car

Keeping your tires full of air, getting regular oil checks, and other basic car maintenance helps your car run more efficiently and, therefore, more affordably. Plus, a well-maintained vehicle has a better resale value.


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