10 trending kente outfits that took over the 'gram' in October

What you wear on your wedding day can make you extra gorgeous and confident. Check out these kente brides for style tips.

Kente brides

A lot of things go into planning a wedding and one important thing that cannot be ignored is what the bride wears on the day.


Creativity runs in every woman’s vein and we always have to appear stunning.

Everybody including the groom can’t wait to see the apparel his wife-to-be would wear for their holy matrimony.

Kente outfits have come to stay. It symbolizes our rich culture and traditions and plays a great part in the holy matrimony.

Over the years, brides and even grooms wear the Kente fabric for their traditional weddings. While brides sew them in either wrapped outfits or in Kaba and slits or even long dresses. Grooms also either wrap the cloth around their body or sew them in Kaftans or Agbada outfits.

Today, we focus on all the iconic Kente outfits brides walked down the aisle with in October this year.

If you are a bride-to-be, here's an inspiration for you:


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