The award-winning musician and her husband keeps inspiring us and makes us believe in love again amid all the celebrity breakups and divorce.

They are celebrating two years of their marriage.

Becca has on this day taken to the internet to share a heartwarming message as they celebrate this big day.

Sharing a photo of themselves, she wrote, "I never knew a love like this existed until I met you.. unconditional. Tobi, you put me first before all things, before all your needs and I cherish you for that. My king and my husband, I love you from the depth of my soul and no other can ever take your place. When I laugh you laugh with me and when I cry you make me laugh. You only see the positive things in life and you Never doubt Gods work. In all things you say Baby let’s give praise. Today as we celebrate two years of our marriage, I want to say GOD THANK YOU. Thank you for this handsome, yet humble man, thank you for this intelligent and just honourable man. Tobi, I love you so so much and I pray Gods wisdom and wealth on your life.. happy anniversary my love. P.S Tonight will be ( Abi you know dada) #Aug18."