Do you wan't to gift your boyfriend an awesome gift this Valentine? Then we've got you covered. Maybe he's a stellar gift-giver and you want to get on his level. Maybe his last gift to you was a dud and you want to show him how it's done. Whatever the case, here are 10 great gift ideas for boyfriends for Valentine's Day this year. bring you the best 7 gifts for your boyfriend this Valentine.

1.Team Jersey

Best 7 gifts your boyfriend  wants
Best 7 gifts your boyfriend wants

Ladies, do you want to know what’s really romantic? Well, it is paying attention to what your boyfriend is interested in. So why not surprise him by getting a jersey from his fave sports team.


Diamonds may be a new a girls best friend but what you might not know will be that of guys, yes, sneakers! Gift him with a notable and revered footwear brand like Addidas , Nike and Balenciaga in a box and trust their hearts will be melted.


Time is expensive, melt his heart with a lavish analog watch and he would forever cherish it. Could be a wood face, a gold accent and navy blue band, which ever ways , make this a unique piece he'll get endless compliments on.

4.Music box

Best 7 gifts your boyfriend  wants
Best 7 gifts your boyfriend wants

Do him the honor of listening to his classic records using a very classic Bluetooth speaker or music box that will have him jamming to his tunes anywhere.

5. Spa treatment coupon

Best 7 gifts your boyfriend  wants
Best 7 gifts your boyfriend wants

Although they may not admit it, men need pampering too. Help him de-stress by drawing him a bubble bath, giving him a manicure and pedicure or a relaxing massage. A possible gift idea to add could be a shaving kit or comfy bathrobe.

6.Sun glasses

There is a whole fuss about wooden frames about stylish guys now. He'll love wearing these cool wooden sunglasses with a stylish metal brow bar to complete his ensembles. The best part? The glasses are unisex, so you can wear them too. 

7.Video game console

Guys love to get in-touch with their child hood times every now and then with video games. Make his Val's day memorable for him with a video game console.