As the groom or bride, when making a guest list, you may want to leave these people out if you know they are likely to cause you problems.

A horrible invited guest can ruin your wedding ceremony faster than anything else. There are some people who can make your wedding day the best ever, while some others can make your big day  your worst nightmare.

Inspired by All Women Stalk, here are some horrible invited guests that can totally ruin your wedding:

1. The drunk: This kind of person will take in every kind of alcohol available at your wedding and eventually make a big fool out of themselves. That's the last thing you want on your wedding day.  You should be careful when inviting this person especially if alcohol would be served on your wedding.

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2. The wedding crasher: It's hard to stop anyone from crashing your wedding, especially if the invite admits only one person.  For invited guests, it is simply rude to bring another friend along especially if the wedding ceremony is strictly by invitation and admits one.

3. The ex: Inviting an ex to your wedding could be quite risky, especially when fences hasn't fully been mended. Your ex's feelings are bound to be hurt and you should resist inviting them if it's out of spite.

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4. The children: Things can get out of hand when children attend weddings, a lot could go wrong when they run around the reception. If you must, then leave the kids out of your wedding party.

5. The crazy relative: Every family has its own share of drama, it can be a distant relative who has it in for you. Typically, you shouldn't invite them for your wedding but if you can't help it, minimize contact with them on your big day.