Dear men, here are the best s*x tips and positions that make it easy for women to orgasm

Great s*x is all about experimentation, communication and fun, and if something isn't quite hitting the spot, the best way to boost your s*x life and quadruple your chances of achieving mind-blowing orgasms is trial and error.

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The problem with female orgasm is that there are different routes to reach the 'Promised Land and what works for one woman, might not work for another.

While some women might only get an orgasm through vaginal intercourse, others can only get it through clitoral stimulation. Here are the best sex positions which will make your woman moan with pleasure.

  • Standing sex 

Barring a situation of an extreme height difference between you and your partner, this position can be a lot of fun. Also, moving out of the bed area can help spark excitement as well. Plus, if you push your hips a little ahead in a classic way, you may increase the chances of stimulating your G-spot. Again, get your hands involved and tease your clitoris to take things up a notch.

How to: The classic way would be to lean against a wall, have your partner stand in front of you, prop one of your legs up to make penetration easier. There will definitely be friction with the wall behind you, so keep your shirt on or prop yourself up against a table or countertop instead. An excellent variation, mix doggy style and standing sex. You can stand in front of a table, place your hands on it and bend a little forward. Have your partner hold onto your hips and enter from behind.

  • Doggy style

Doggy style always gets mixed reviews when it comes to women but then again, it has a lot to do with the angles. Height might be a superficial feature but it can make or break certain sex positions. So while we are recommending doggy style for the deep penetration it allows, remember to adjust with pillows if there is any need. The success of this position would also depend on how you and your partner fit. Some women can find this position extremely uncomfortable and make them want to rush to the loo - believe us when we say, you’re not the only one. It’s okay to skip over to another option if it makes you feel that way.

How to: Get on all fours, facing away from your partner. Have your partner get on his knees and enter from behind. If you have a big, sturdy sofa, try this over there. You will have the added benefit of leaning on the back of the sofa so your arms won’t get too tired.

  • Thigh tide

This position is all about clitoral stimulation, which is the easiest way to reach an orgasm for most women. It’s all about the grind, and the woman is the one who has to control it - so don’t feel at all embarrassed about humping your partner's thigh like an animal. That’s the whole point of the position. The combination of penetration and clitoral stimulation might help close the gap between you and that orgasm.

How to: Have your partner lie down while you get on top. The key is to get your legs in a "scissoring" position, with one of his legs between yours (ask him to bend one leg so you can slide your knee under it). This way, during penetration, your clitoris would rub against his thigh. You can also do this lying down if you don’t want to control the speed and depth.

  • Woman on top

The woman-on-top position has always been a favourite among women for the kind of control it gives them. Then again, depending on what you like in bed, you might not even want the control. Here’s what you can do to make things interesting, though - play with yourself. As mentioned, clitoral stimulation is your best bet here. So touch yourself, or since your partner’s hands are free, ask him to do it. Remember, an orgasm has many health benefits and it is totally worth the time and energy you invest in it.

How to: Pretty basic. Have your partner lie down, and get on top. You can hold onto the headboard for balance or just put your hands on your partner’s chest. You can keep the lower part of your legs flat on the bed during intercourse. A variation worth trying is to only rest your feet on the bed while your pelvis moves. You can also use a few pillows to prop your partner up a bit if it helps your angle of penetration.


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