For women: How to treat your man, 8 ways to do it right

Men also deserve as much excellent treatment as women.


Treating a man right takes effort and being intentional about it.

Most men want women who know how to treat a man right. Specifically, men like to be treated like babies (not literally), but men also crave the 100% attention, care, and pampering the kids get. He wants you to show genuine respect for his well-being. He wants you to be kind and empathetic.

Unlike what some people believe, men are also emotional. So, it would help if you cared about their feelings when you talk or act.

Truth is, most men don’t want you to buy expensive things or give them money. Being kind, loving, caring, and compassionate is enough for anyone.


You have the key to his heart if you can treat your man right or you know how to treat a man right. Here's how:

  • Treat him with love and care

Saying is easier than doing. You have probably told your man you love him, but he needs to see you in action. Everything you do around him should be to reassure him of your love.

Be loving, caring, faithful, and kind to him. Don’t ever give him reasons to doubt your love.

  • Respect him

How should a woman treat a man? Treat him with respect. Every man wants to be respected by a woman, and your man is no different. Even if he isn’t trying as much as you want, don’t disregard him by belittling him.

Instead, brag about him and grease his elbow to put in more effort.

  • Let him be vulnerable

Men aren’t known to be emotionally expressive as women. However, they can be the most vulnerable when they feel safe around you. When he shows his weakness in front of you, embrace him and let him know everything will be fine.

Do not ever use this against him.

  • Don’t compare him to other men

Nothing breaks a man’s heart than comparison with other men. It is the height of ridicule and disrespect to him. But you shouldn’t rub it in your man’s face. Men are not equal in their responsibility to their loved ones.

  • Support him 

Your man needs your help in his business or job and other activities. For example, if he has a conflict with another person, your first instinct shouldn’t be to judge the case.

Instead, you should be supportive. Even if he’s at fault, you must be diplomatic in presenting your opinion.

  • Trust him

Trust helps to build a stable and healthy relationship. Women who genuinely understand how to treat a man trust their man wholeheartedly. If you want your man to trust you, you must give him the same treatment.

Don’t panic when you see him with other women. She could be a workmate or friend. Allow him to have his time, and you can joke about it later.

When he doesn’t pick up your call immediately, understand he might be busy or he might have forgotten. But never assume he’s doing something shady.

  • Don’t make him beg for your attention

No one should have to beg for another’s attention. If you have to, the feeling is not mutual, and you will be wasting your time being in that relationship. Your man deserves his best, and you should always try to be available whenever he seeks your presence.

If you can’t, let him know ahead of time without sounding disrespectful.

  • Take him out

Treat your man like a king by taking him to a fancy restaurant or an exciting place. Ensure it comes as a surprise by informing him out of the blue.

For example, tell him to get ready on Saturday that you both will be visiting a place together. This will make him excited and look forward to the day.


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