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Here's everything to know about being a virgin on your wedding night

Here's how to have smashing success as a virgin on your wedding night.

Wedding Night Virgins can make the best of it by preparing their minds for it [Credit: Getty Images]

Choices will be choices and everyone is entitled to make the ones that appeal to them best. Whatever the choice you make on premarital sex, it is undeniable that there’s no time like the first night of officially being husband and wife to set the foundation of a happy and healthy sex life.

It can be a special night for anyone; and especially if you are a virgin and you’ve been looking forward to your wedding night all along, it will mean even more to you.

If you have never had sex and your wedding night will be your very first time, here are some helpful tips to make your wedding night sex an unforgettable for you and yours.


The moment you have been looking forward to for such a long, long time! And it's perfectly normal to be nervous. But regardless, make the effort to relax because without it, you may struggle to enjoy the moment and you don’t want that.

Foreplay will help you do this. This means there's no rush, so don't rush it. Women need about 20 minutes to warm up on an average day. You may need some extra time after this to properly get into it. And that’s fine. Your new husband should will understand


If you are a virgin, natural lubrication may be a bit of an issue. It's normal and nothing to be bothered about.

Just prepare adequately for it by either telling you significant other to get a tube of water-based lubricant ahead of the big day. You could also purchase it yourself.


You totally should splurge on this ‘frivolity’ because it’s your first time ever, and also the consummation of your new marriage.

Wearing something that is in his favorite color will be mighty sexy, too.

It is actually true that many couples do not get to eat at their wedding reception and that could be you, too. You may be too busy for food so while these foods may boost your passion on the night, they’ll also double as much a needed source of strength and nutrition.

Dark chocolate, honey, red wine are really good.


So long as things are taken slow and easy, having sex will be a lot more comfortable for you. It's all about knowing how to ease into things, starting with positions that will make sex a bit more comfortable. The tried-and-true missionary position tops the list, as do other sex positions mentioned here.


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