A 38-yr-old British bride who married her 19-yr-old boyfriend from Jamaica after series of Skype calls and Blackberry Messenger chat says their love is for real.

Angharad Lovering had flown to meet Loric Bullock in the Caribbean for a three-week holiday, when she knew it was 'meant to be' after she became pregnant.

Loric, now 22-yr-old had proposed to his British bride via text few weeks later which she accepted, taking out a loan to pay for a £3,000 temporary visa for her new fiance.

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The couple had a baby boy, Tyrese in 2013 but Loric never got to meet him till he was 5 months old.

They now live together with their son and Angharad's 15-yr-old daughter from a previous , Daisy, after getting married in May 2014.

Angharad says she'll never change being married to her young husband for anything in the world despite their 16-yr age difference.

"A lot of the issues we have had are also because he has come from living at home with his family and he has never had responsibilities. He has had a lot to learn," she said.

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"I have always gone out with older men, but then I hit my mid-20s and started getting a lot of attention from younger guys. I think we are calmer and more accepting.

"I have never lived with a man before so it is really new for both of us.

"It has also been difficult for Daisy, because Loric wanted to be her friend and he got a little bit too close with her friends, and it has been a real struggle for him to find work.

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"People hate immigrants, but Loric came here as a father and a lover and has done honest work to fit in, in a small town in the valleys that barely has a black face in it.

"I paid his way to get here, getting a loan and working extra hours in my telesales job, but it was worth it.

"It's been a tough time, but I'm finally getting to know the husband I met on Skype," she told Daily Mail.