Divorce rates among newly married couples have dropped to a record low in nearly 30 years, a study has found.

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Whereas those who have been together for more than a decade is down by a fifth, according to the study by Marriage Foundation among UK couples.

The development has been attributed fewer women filing for divorce because men are now taking greater share of marital responsibilities.

Harry Benson, research director of Marriage Foundation, told The Times and quoted by the Mailonline: "Among all the talk of divorce and law reform, it's easy to miss the good news story that today's marriages are more stable than at any time since the 1970s.

"Some level of relationship failure is inevitable. But today's falling divorce rates contrast with far higher break-up rates among couples who don't marry."

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"For those of us who are in the long-term business of confronting and combatting the national scourge of family breakdown, with all its attendant pain and suffering for children, it is rare to encounter genuinely good news," Sir Paul Coleridge, founder and chairman of Marriage Foundation, said.