5 easy ways to survive after a messy breakup

We all know, getting over him can be quite easy but much harder to do. Your world doesn't evolve around him. Kick him out of your life by following these tips.

It is acceptable to grieve over a lost love for a short time. Whether you were dumped or you broke up someone, it is time to your life on the right track.

We all know, getting over him can be quite easy but much harder to do. Do you want to move on? Recovery from all the pain he caused you. Then read these tips.


Start erasing all his traces by buying him bedding and disposing of all the ones you shared intimate nights on. It will you start fresh with new bedroom energy.

Be honest with yourself and follow a 30-days program where you will not contact your ex. If you are able to stay happily alone then you don’t need him in your life.

Register at the local gym and get into shape.  Lose some few calories and get energetic for the task ahead. Get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet.


Upgrade your look and feel new, sexy and ready to mingle. Get your card ready and go on a shopping spree; new dresses, hairstyle and pedicure.

A perfect makeup can’t heal your broken heart but will prevent you from crying when you a couple kissing.


Millennial can't do without social media. Unfriend him, unfollow him and delete him from your chat list, the least thing you expect to see is a notification from him.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?  Obsessing over something is the natural way our brains works according to Sussman.


Have a fun-packed schedule to prevent you from thinking about him. Travel and explore, learn and cook new recipes, get involve in community projects and you will stay happily alone until you meet the right person.

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