Here's what you should do when your man doesn't want to marry you

Women should never wait around for a man who's having second thoughts about proposing marriage

Unhappy African couple

According to an article by Krystle Crossman of Healthy Black Woman women should never wait around for a man who's having second thoughts about proposing marriage because they deserve more than that.

Here's what she wrote:

Dr. Sherry Blake is a well-known celebrity clinical psychiatrist. She has people send in questions and she answers them in a column with Essence magazine. One of the most recent questions came from a 33 year old woman who says she has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for three years. She said that they moved in together a year after being together and she asked him to marry her.

The woman stated that her man laughed at her the first time she asked him to marry her. She waited another year and then asked him again. This time he told her “no” and listed out some reasons as to why they couldn’t get married with one of the reasons being that she asked him. She is now thinking of leaving him because she does not want to be a girlfriend forever. She asks Dr. Sherry if she is moving too fast or if leaving is the right thing to do.


Dr. Sherry responded that it was time to pack her things and go. She says that with all of the time that has been put into the relationship and he still didn’t ask her to marry him and also said “no” to her, it showed that he was not ready to be a husband and may never be. Dr. Sherry says that when he laughed at the woman the first time that she asked him it showed a lot of disrespect. She feels that there is no relationship that is worth the kind of trouble that this woman is going through right now.

Dr. Sherry asks the woman why she would want to marry somebody that obviously doesn’t want to marry her? She suggests that the woman go to  a therapist and work out any self-esteem issues that she may be having as it will seem like she is begging for marriage from someone that doesn’t want it if she stays with him. She tells the anonymous woman that she deserves more and hopefully she will see that once she leaves.


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