I was watching HOUSE MD last night and Wilson told House to stop running away from love. He accused his friend of cowardice; that House fears heartbreaks and that is why he sabotages every relationship. Wilson said “grow up House, all relationships that do not end in break-up ends in death”

This is such a grim verdict for love and a relationship isn’t it? Yet it is true. These are the only two possibilities, so what is there to fear? You either make it till death separates you or break up and move on. Opting out of relationships for the fear getting heartbroken doesn’t change much except you will be in a relationship with your fear. And until you break up with your fear of heartbreaks, you will be committed to it till you die (alone!).

I know we all dream about happy-ever-after but, have you considered that for happy-ever-after to have a real chance of happening; you need to accept that a break up is also possibility?

Most people don’t identify themselves as afraid of breakups or relationships, yet it is possible they have been giving such excuses (which can be valid in some cases) for a very long time:

·      “I really like my independence.”

·      “I don’t know too many happily married people.”

·      “I’m taking a break from dating right now.”

·      “I’m really busy with my career.”

“People are afraid of heartbreak because they think pain is bigger than they are. Everybody on the other side of heartbreak will tell you how important it was to have had their heart broken, even though they did battle to avoid it. Heartbreak is a huge opening to the next phase of our development and it takes courage. Throw your heart out in the name of your life purpose, even when you don't know what will happen. Sometimes it will break, and then there is growth.” -- Karen Kimsey-House

In the end, all love must end, whether through death or a break up but you’ll never see the beauty of being truly in love if you don’t give love a chance in the first place.