Bridesmaids in the present day make the most style statements but are they really necessary at a white wedding?

As a bride, your wedding day must be the perfect day from getting the perfect wedding dress to the perfect shoes to the perfect wedding ring to the perfect wedding venue even marrying the perfect husband ( Perfection everywhere!) and lastly the bridal train.

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A bridesmaid is young woman either a close friend or sister of the bride and she attends to the bride on her wedding day. But nowadays having bridesmaids on your wedding day feels like an addition to the ‘Perfection”, some brides are taking it to another level, some even hire bridesmaids because they have specifications imagine a situation where a bride requested all her bridesmaids to pay N300,000 for their dresses and on top that they get the same color of contact lens and waist trainers all for a wedding.

Now there;s nothing wrong in bringing personal class, glamour etc on your big day in any way deemed fit but for some people these are unnecessary and frankly all the efforts is just for a few hours (not even for 24 hours!) it feels like the shine is taken away from the bride sometimes especially where the bridesmaids go all out  where the bride is supposed to be the main subject after all it’s her wedding!

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One  can’t help but wonder if the ‘bridesmaids effect is at all necessary? What do you think?. Share your thoughts guys.