4 things you may regret doing in this hot weather

As the mercury rises and the sun claims its dominance in the sky, our daily fashion and style choices can either be our salvation or our downfall.

4 things you may regret doing [BusinessPost]

Here are four style decisions you might want to reconsider to keep cool and comfortable during this relentless hot weather.

Wearing a long wig

First on our list is the beloved long wig. Sure, they add glam and can transform your look in an instant, but pairing them with sweltering weather? Not the best mix.

These beautiful locks come with their own thermal baggage, making you feel like you're wearing a hat made of sunshine, particularly if your workplace lacks the salvation of air conditioning.


Consider swapping out the lengthy tresses for a chic shortcut or embracing your natural hair during the hotter months. Your scalp will thank you for the breather!

Wearing a suit and tie

Looking sharp in a suit and tie is standard professional attire, but let’s face it, it’s practically a stylish sauna in high temperatures.

These layers, while sleek, trap warmth close to your body – warmth you're probably trying to escape.

Opting for lighter, breathable fabrics and ditching the tie can keep you looking professional without overheating. Remember, comfort can complement the style, especially when the sun is relentless.


Long braids

Long braids can be a striking statement, offering versatility and style. However, in the face of scorching weather, you might want to reconsider.

Keeping your hairdo as short and manageable as possible during these times can significantly increase your comfort levels.

If you’re set on braids, opting for shorter, lighter styles can provide a breezy alternative without compromising on looks.

Wearing dark clothes


Finally, we address the color of your wardrobe. Dark clothes might be sleek and slimming, but they're also proficient at absorbing heat, making you feel like a walking oven.

Lighter colors not only reflect the sun's rays but can also uplift your mood. Switching to pastels or whites can keep you cooler and add a fresh vibe to your summer wardrobe.

Navigating the hot weather doesn't mean you have to compromise on style. By making a few mindful choices, you can stay cool, both literally and figuratively.

The goal is to embrace the warmth without feeling overwhelmed by it. Here's to staying chic and comfortable, no matter the temperature!

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