Wedding superstitions from all around the world

Find out all the weird things couples in China, Kenya, Denmark, and more do for 'good luck.'


Getting married is such a big step that makes people become superstitious.

For 'good luck' on the new journey, couples will belief and do almost anything.

Just in case, you thought you were the only one who followed superstitions or intends to, you are not, as all over the world, people have theirs too.

According to a new infographic display, in China, the brides of Tujia intentionally cry for an hour every day during the month before their wedding in a symbol of joy.

In Denmark, brides and grooms used to cross-dress for the same reason, to ward away the unwanted paranormal.

Similarly, Middle Eastern brides adorn themselves with henna on their hands and feet to protect them from the 'evil eye', which is said to render women barren.

For couples in Holland, a pine tree is planted outside the home of newlyweds to represent fertility and bring good luck.

While in Kenya, the bride's father traditionally spits on the head and breasts of his daughter after the ceremony to bless her.

In Fiji, when a man wishes to propose, he is expected to give the bride's father a whale's tooth as a sign of commitment.

The English tradition states that Wednesday is the best day to get married, and that finding a spider in your wedding dress is good luck.

In Greece, a bride sometimes wears a sugar cube in her glove to 'sweeten the union'.

The Egyptians leave all the cooking for the newlyweds for a week after the wedding for the bride's family.

While in French Polynesia, the relatives of the bride lay face down side by side so that the newlywed couple can walk over their backs after the ceremony.

Finish brides wrap things up by going door-to-door with a pillowcase to collect gifts from her guests.

These just go to show the lengths people will go for happiness and how imaginative people can be when it comes to superstitions.

Check out other wedding superstitions above.

Let us know if you believe in wedding superstitions, if you do, let us know which ones.


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