3FM has recently started a campaign on medical negligence. The campaign is not only meant to highlight the pain of victims of medical negligence, but to also assist and encourage medical personnel.

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Elizabeth Amoaa founded Speciallady Awareness after she went through a challenging health journey.

She took the steps to encourage other women to have early medical intervention and adequate medical care.

Elizabeth made headlines in both national and international media platforms when her story was screened by the United Kingdom’s ‘Born Different’ show, which attracted millions of viewers across the globe.

She is known to have uterus didelphys; a malformation of the womb whereby the woman possess two womb; 2 cervixes and two vaginas canals.

Also, she suffers from other women reproductive health issues.

She regularly visits Ghana, her birth country, to raise awareness on gynaecological conditions and menstrual hygiene.

She has previously donated items such as medical supplies, sanitary towels, children, clothing and educational materials worth thousands of pounds.

The donation was supported by the Advocate for World Health, Kaya Management Services, Icann Brands Events & Innovation, Koodoo Hospitality and 3FM-92.7

Speciallady-Awareness: www.specialladyawareness.com