Trade between Ghana and the Netherlands has hit 1.5 billion euros, the Netherlands Ambassador to Ghana, Mr Ron Strikker has revealed.

Speaking during the Embassy’s interaction with the media on Wednesday, the Ambassador said: “We have an exchange of trade at an amount of 1.5 billion euros and that is more or less equally distributed in exports and imports. But I think it can be much more. There is interest in the Netherlands, among the Dutch companies, among the private sector. In Holland, we’ve invest more in Ghana, but there are opportunities.”

He based this on the improved economic engagements between the two countries.

The Netherlands was among the top ten sources of FDIs to Ghana for 2016, reports from the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) stated.

The country’s contribution to FDIs to Ghana was the highest in the first quarter of 2016. It contributed 65.56 million dollars out of a total of 157.57 million dollars.

Meanwhile, The Netherlands Ambassador has charged the government to tackle various bottlenecks and frustrations investors have to endure before establishing their businesses in Ghana.

According to him, if the business environment is not improved, foreign investors would be forced to relocate to another country.