The Director of Academic Quality Assurance at the University of Ghana, Professor Esther Sakyi-Dwason, has called for investment in agro-processing if the country want to ensure food security.

“We are wasting a lot of resources if we don’t enhance the food processing and preservation end of the chain,” She said.

Prof. Sakyi-Dawson told the Business and Financial Times discussions on food security has centered on production, nothing “we are producing and the produce are spoiling.”

“So if we don’t do something with what we have produced it will be wasted. So we definitely need to focus on processing if we want to ensure food security,” Prof. Sakyi-Dawson said.

“At this stage in our development we need to create more jobs for people. So if food processors are helped with the needed capacity to expand their production then more jobs can be created,” Prof. Sakyi Dawson added.