The Bank of Ghana has denied issuing new denominations of the Ghana Cedi as being speculated on social media.

The BoG says, “stories circulating on social media to the effect that the Bank is issuing denominations of GH¢100.00 and GH¢200.00 are false.” Sometime in march last year, the bank of last resort was forced to reject similar reports on social media that it had issued new Ghana cedi notes.

The Bank further clarified that the only denominations of the Ghana cedi in circulation that are legal tender remain the following:

NOTES                              COINS

GH¢50                              GH¢1

GH¢20                              50Gp

GH¢10                              20Gp

GH¢5                                10Gp

GH¢2                                 5Gp

GH¢1                                 1Gp

The Bank of Ghana also said it always precedes issuance of new denominations with intensive sensitization and public education.