Manufacturers to sue GRA over tax refunds

Some of the traders who spoke to the media revealed that the drawback scheme- import refunds due manufacturers on raw material imports, take as long as a year to be refunded, though it is supposed take six months.

Tema Harbour, Ghana

The traders therefore believe that the delay is a blatant attempt to deprive them of the refunds due them.

Ghana’s drawback regime was passed after the country’s import and export trade was liberalized in 1993, in order to motivate manufacturers of import substitutes to thrive.

According to the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, government owes an average of 456,289 Ghana Cedis per company and as high as 1.7 million Ghana Cedis to a  single company.

Mark Badu Aboagye, Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry says the Chamber is entertaining the idea of taking the Ghana Revenue Authority to court over the issue, but is willing to negotiate with the Authority to get the issue addressed.

“Interestingly they are not giving us interests on the monies that they are being delayed…We are asking that if these things should continue, then we are going to ask for interests on the monies that are being help up with them,” he added in an interview with Accra-based Citi FM.


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