Deputy minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, Dr. Bernice Heloo has emphasized the need for Public Private Partnership in harnessing the opportunities presented by cloud computing for development.

She however urged organizers of the International Conference on Advance Trends in ICT and Management to come up with solutions to the security concerns and other problems believed to be associated with the use of cloud computing by the end of the conference.

“ Cloud computing has immense potential for national development and government recorgnizes this. In the sector of education, for example, there are great opportunities for knowledge sharing from all over the world through cloud computing.”

Dr. Heloo further emphasized the added advantage of a reduction in physical matter in the environment due to cloud computing.

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“ It has added advantage for the environment as it reduces the amount of physical materials needed in the provision of ICT. I will however urge participants of the conference to find solutions to the problems of security and cost associated with cloud computing, as well as ways in which government can partner with the private sector to harness the opportunities.”

The International Conference on Advanced Trends in ICT is a convergence of some of Africa’s great minds in ICT to discuss the opportunities presented by cloud computing for Africa.

It is on the theme, Cloud Computing for Sustainable Development in Africa.