Subscribers on Thursday complained they could not access the internet. MTN explained that the data instability was caused by cable cut in Europe.

It explained in a statement that the cut which is in the West Africa Cable System (WACS) has also affected other operators and customers in West Africa.

The West Africa Cable system is an ultra-high capacity fibre optic submarine cable which links Europe, West Africa, and South Africa. It connects 14 countries over two continents.

"Thank you for your patience. We have fully restored our data service so you can tweet, browse, download and stream at 4G+ speeds you love," MTN tweeted.

Customers responded to the news by demanding for compensation.

"So you aren’t going to compensate us for this mess? How do you see us," a subscriber responded to the tweeted.

Another also posted: "So u won’t give us bonus err??? Like e b we aaa like u deduct even worna battery power saf. Compensate us with data."