The Volta River Authority has dispelled fears that the country's power supply will be affected by  Atuabo Gas' planned shutdown for maintenance.

Atuabo Gas Processing Plant revealed its decision, over the weekend to shutdown for planned maintenance after operating for more that 8000 hours.  This will be the second time the gas processing plant shuts down after it commenced functioning in September 2014.

As is expected, the news has  awoken fears of a possible worsening of the country's power situation owing to rumours that power providers, VRA may not have enough fuel to power the country's thermal plants.

However, the Public Relations Officer of the Volta River Authority, Sam Fletcher has  revealed to Pulse Business that the planned shutdown of Ghana Gas will not in any way affect availability of fuel to power the country's thermal plants.

" As we speak, Atuabo Gas has not shut down yet.  We have enough gas supply from the plant for effective provision of power. So power supply will not be affected today, that's for sure."

Pulse Business: Are there contigency plans, however, for January 15th   when the  Gas Plant Shuts Down?

Sam Fletcher:  I can assure Ghanaians that power supply will not be disrupted when the plant is shut down. There are plans to provide enough fuel to keep up with power provision.

The planned maintenance is scheduled to last for 14 days.

The maintenance, according to Alfred Ogbamey, was required by the original equipment manufacturers and vendors for the maintenance of certain critical components in the gas processing plant on a periodic basis.

“The move is also to facilitate warranty assurance on the installed equipment and the validity of our operating insurance cover,” he said.

According to Mr Ogbamey, Ghana Gas was constantly engaged with all the relevant stakeholders, including the VRA, to ensure a smooth implementation and completion of the planned maintenance works.