10 things you didn't know about South Africa's youngest self-made millionaire

About ten years ago, Sandile Shezi was selling muffins in the ghettoes of South Africa.

About ten years ago, Sandile Shezi was selling muffins in the ghettoes of South Africa. He is 23 now and well-respected as a self-made millionaire, Chief Executive, and Founder of Global Forex Institute.

Here are some things that you probably never knew about Shezi:

1. ‘Business Wizard’: Earning a reputation for himself as one of South Africa’s high-risk forex traders, Shezi commands his own company Global Forex Institute.

2. Trading at 12: Shezi is one of the most skilled entrepreneurs out there. At the age of just 12, he had already begun to use a part of his tuition as capital for a muffin business. He later used the money made from muffins to trade in the stock exchange while still in school.


3. Champions free forex training: Shezi says his company wants to do more than just make income, it also aims to reduce the unemployment rate in South Africa.

He says that by offering free training, he is giving back to the community and helping society.

4. Not an advocate of taking big risks: Although he has made his fortune by making big risk moves, Shezi doesn’t teach people his firm trains to make such moves. Rather, he teaches them how to avoid risks by identifying when to trade and not placing all their savings in one trade.

5. Self-taught: Although Shezi attended the Durban University of Technology (DUT) where he studied public relations, advertising and applied communication, he says he has never taken a course in Forex trading and he learnt everything he knows about the business online.


6. Motivated by financial freedom: Shezi stresses that thinking ahead and investing are amongst the paramount ingredients for success, but nothing motivates him more than the peacefulness of financial freedom.

7. Dropped out of university for a bit: After moving on from selling muffins, he decided that he could make more money from trading stocks and then dropped out of school to do just that.

His parents would have none of that which forced him to return to school, although he still continued to trade stocks online as a side venture.

8. Motivational speaker: Because Shezi’s story is one that is very inspiring, he is often called to various locations around the world to speak. One of his most popular quotes goes: “Why work for money when money can work for you?”

9. Ardent African National Congress (ANC) supporter: Just like most South Africans, Shezi is an ardent supporter of South Africa’s most prominent political party, the ANC, which has ruled the country since the end of Apartheid in the early 90s.


10. Plays tennis and golf: According to Afkinsider, Shezi likes to play tennis and golf with his friends and business associates in his spare time. He also says the two sports keep him entertained and focused.


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