19-year-old lady accuses evil spirit of getting her pregnant, insists she’s a virgin

A 19-year-old pregnant woman has accused an evil spirit of being the one responsible for her pregnancy, insisting that she remains a virgin and has never had sexual intercourse with any man.

Teenage pregnancy

The claim by the Colombian lady has sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some people saying they have heard similar stories before while others say she was trying to hide the truth from her parents for fear of being punished.

According to, the unnamed woman claimed on TV Malambo, a local media outlet in Colombia, that she believes she was impregnated by a supernatural force.

The teenager recalled having strange dreams and feeling supernatural presences in her room before she started missing her period. Her mother took her to a gynaecologist for a checkup, and it came to light that she was pregnant.

“I have not been with any man, suddenly I stopped menstruating and my mother took me to the health centre for a check-up and there I found out that I got pregnant,” she is quoted to have said.


It is unclear which evil spirit is behind the mysterious pregnancy.

Meanwhile, in another report, Adams Fatimata, a Ghanaian midwife has made news headlines for delivering a pregnant woman who experienced labour on a speeding commercial vehicle.

Unable to withstand the sight of the woman enduring severe pain coupled with the fact that the baby’s head started coming out, she decided to take the bull by the horn.

Without hand gloves or any other relevant material needed in the delivery of a baby, she stepped in to save the baby and the mother in the full glare of other passengers onboard the vehicle.

The vehicle later got to a nearby hospital where she took the woman and her baby in for proper care.


Speaking subsequently in an interview with JoyNews’ Upper West Regional correspondent, Rafiq Salam, she recalled how the passengers struggled to endure the sight of the impromptu but life-saving operation.

According to her, she had heard about pregnant women being delivered in moving cars or on airborne aeroplanes, but she never imagined that she would ever witness it let alone be the one to assist in such a situation.

She explained that she could feel the excruciating pain the woman was in at that moment and was left with no option but to intervene.


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