I slapped driver’s mate who ejaculated on my skirt - Afia Pokua narrates sexual assault

Renowned Ghanaian media personality and broadcast journalist, Afia Pokua, popularly known as Vim Lady, recently opened up about a distressing incident of sexual harassment she faced while commuting on a bus.

I slapped driver’s mate who ejaculated on my dress - Afia Pokua narrates sexual assault

In a candid video posted on her social media platform, Vim Lady recounted an unsettling experience during a bus journey from Tema to Accra. She described returning from an assignment for a newspaper company, noting that the incident occurred several years ago.

Recalling the ordeal, Vim Lady revealed that during the journey, she sensed someone persistently touching her thighs. Despite the crowded and dimly lit bus, she initially felt helpless to address the situation.

"It was a while back, during my time working for a newspaper. On that particular day, after covering a story, I boarded a bus to return to the office and file my report. Throughout the journey, I felt someone's unwanted touch on my thighs. Trapped in the packed bus and with limited visibility, I couldn't react," she recounted.

To her shock and dismay, Vim Lady later discovered that the individual seated beside her, identified as the driver's mate, had ejaculated onto her skirt. Overwhelmed with anger and disgust, she instinctively slapped the perpetrator, prompting other passengers to intervene and administer further retribution.


"After a passenger disembarked, I adjusted myself and realized the driver's mate had committed this despicable act. In a surge of fury, I slapped him, and fellow commuters joined in to confront him. Despite their urging to involve the authorities, I hesitated," Vim Lady disclosed.

Fearful of potential stigma and victim-blaming, Vim Lady opted against reporting the incident to the police. She emphasized the lasting emotional impact of the ordeal, acknowledging the widespread occurrence of such assaults on women in public transportation settings.

"The trauma from that incident lingers. It was a shocking and violating experience. Sadly, it's not an isolated case. Many women endure similar harassment while commuting. It's a pervasive issue that demands attention," she asserted.

Vim Lady urged vigilance among young women regarding their surroundings and interactions while advocating for decisive action from both authorities and society to combat sexual violence.

Her candid testimony resonated deeply on social media, eliciting a range of reactions from sympathy and solidarity to indignation. Many users shared their own encounters with sexual assault, underscoring the urgent need to address and eradicate such misconduct.


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