We didn't know he was LGBTQIA+ activist - Traditional council says Mac-Iyalla is no more chief

The Nkusukum Traditional Council in the Central Region has reversed the installation of popular Nigerian-born British LGBTQIA+ rights campaigner, Davis Mac-Iyalla as development chief.

Traditional council reverses Nigerian LGBTQIA+ activist’s installation as chief in Ghana

According to the traditional leaders, until the day of the traditional process to confer the chieftaincy title on him, they never knew that he was an LGBTQIA+ advocate. reports the council as saying that it only knew him as Kweku Adu, a resident of Cape Coast for the past 10 years but only got to know that he was also known as Davis Mac-Iyalla, an LGBTQIA+ rights activist only a few moments to the installation.

“During the process of his installation as Amankorehen, (Nkosuohen - Development chief), information came that Kweku Adu is also known as Davis Mac-Iyalla and has been supporting LGBTQIA+ and its related activities.

“Immediately this information came to our attention, we called for the whole process of Mac-Iyalla to be halted. We wish to state that no title has been conferred on him as Amankorehen of Yamonranza in view of the latest information about him and does not carry any such title as Amankorehen,” the state-owned news website quotes the chiefs as saying at a press conference on Tuesday, January 31, 2023.


At the same press conference, Nana Okese Esandoh IX, Paramount chief of the Nkusukum Traditional Area declared the installation of Mac-Iyalla as Amankorehen of Yamonransa null and void.

“We wish to state that no title has been conferred on him as Amankorehen of Yamonransa in view of the latest information that reached us about him and does not carry any such title as Amankorehen” he stated.

Mac-Iyalla was out-doored at a ceremony at Yamonransa at the weekend under the stool name Nana Kweku Gyasi I.


During the ceremony when he was being paraded through the streets, the palanquin in which he was being carried dramatically pulled apart and he fell down. A video of the episode went viral on various social media platforms, with some people saying the gods of the land were unhappy with the ceremony and thus rejected him.

Many Ghanaians expressed disappointment in the Nkusukum Traditional for allowing the ceremony to happen, fearing it might lead to the brainwashing and initiation of the youth into LGBTQIA+ activities.

Ghanaian cultures frown on LGBTQIA+ activities, so any attempt, both directly and indirectly that has the potential to create an environment for it is fiercely resisted by the locals.


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