6 things all Ghanaians have, but never take time to appreciate

Here is a list of 6 things you take for granted as a Ghanaian and why you must not do so anymore.

There are things Ghanaians enjoy in Ghana. However, most people take these things they enjoy in Ghana for granted.

• President

Ghana has a president. You may or may not be happy with who is in power but at least Ghanaians have a head of state. Other countries do not have one president, some also have a number of people fighting for the position but they do not have a leader.


Ghanaians should appreciate that they have a president?

• Peace

This is one thing many Ghanaians boast of. “We are a peaceful country,” this is a phrase many Ghanaians use. If you have peace, you have the liberty to move about. Other people in some countries do not have this freedom.

• The weather


Ghana’s weather is neither too warm nor too cold. Most people in Europe and America cherish the Ghanaian weather because it can get brutally cold over there. And the experience can be very frustrating.

• Low cost of living

Ghana’s cost of living is lower than that of other countries. Compare Ghana’s cost of living America and Europe. The cost of rent and taxes are overly expensive.

• Dumsor


Yes, dumsor. The erratic power supply caused us to have conversations with our family and friends. Dumsor also made us sleep more especially when it occurred at night.

Anyway, this is not to say we want dumsor back.

• Ghana food

Where are my foodies? Ghanaian dishes are just sumptuous. No matter where Ghanaian delicacies you won’t have tasty Ghanaian meals like one from home.

The price of Ghanaian food is also gentle on your pocket.



We should appreciate our trotro, the Ghana Police and your bribing skills, visits by friends and family and many more.


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