ATL workers begin sit-down strike to demand unpaid salaries and allowances

Workers at Akosombo Textile Limited (ATL) have launched a sit-down strike in protest against unpaid wages and lingering allowances that stretch back to 2021.

Akosombo Textile Limited

The striking employees assert that the company's equipment has been dismantled and sold off as scrap, painting a bleak picture of its operational status.

Complaints have also surfaced regarding inadequate compensation, with some workers claiming to earn less than GHC500.00.

The strike action commenced on Friday morning, initiated independently by the workers without the endorsement of the local textile workers union's leadership. Accusing the union leadership of neglecting their concerns and aligning with management, the workers opted to take matters into their own hands.

Fearing reprisals from management, the workers refrained from providing interviews. However, they conveyed their discontent with the prevailing situation, blaming the government for portraying ATL as financially stable while the company's actual situation deteriorates.


In a statement, the workers urged the government to swiftly address these grievances, emphasizing the need to alleviate the hardships faced by affected employees and secure ATL's future.

ATL's financial struggles and operational sustainability have been subjects of consistent negative attention in recent times. It remains how the government will react to the strike action.

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