According to him, the criticism over the offer of 200 police personnel as personal protection for MPs lacks merit adding that the media was setting the agenda "as if we [MPs] are from Afghanistan as if we are from Congo River basin, who have been brought to come and put up here [Ghana] to serve the nation."

"Meanwhile you voted for us [and] you are supposed to love us, get us closer to you but you hate Parliamentarians and it is partly because some of you the media, you incite the general public against us, we must be frank. So the Interior Minister is saying that, yes they have enough police people to provide security for MPs and provide security for the whole nation, how many MPs, do you want them to be killed before we ask for personal security for MPs.

"I don't think you are happy that our brother [Ekow] Kwansah [Hayford] has been killed, or you are shedding crocodile tears," Major Dereck Oduro who doubles as the MP for Nkoranza North said.

He added: "I am saying that they [police] are visible all over the place. The Interior Minister is saying that he has no problem, you the security expert you are sitting somewhere and saying we have a problem. I am saying that 200 doesn’t cause any harm to the police authorities. They are there and they are saying they don’t have any problem, you are sitting somewhere and you saying I’m a security expert and they have a problem."

The Interior Minister Ambrose Dery has announced that MPs will be provided with police as personal bodyguards "between now and end of the year" because of their "exposure."

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Addressing the media on enhanced security for MPs, Ambrose Dery said: "What we have proposed that between now and end of the year we are going to provide additional 200 police personnel to be part of the parliamentary protection unit, making it, therefore, attain the status of a Divisional Police Command that will take care of MPs as bodyguards.

"But we ideally have to get to where we should get to – this subsequently, we should have 800 police added so that each MP will also have security at home in the day and night. The judges do have that. Ministers do have that too."

The decision by the government followed the gruesome murder of the MP for Mfantseman, Ekow Kwansah Hayford, which triggered the debate for enhanced security and protection for MPs.

However, some Ghanaians have criticised the move by the government.

Social Commentator and controversial musician Kwame Obeng Asare known popularly known as Kwame A-Plus, has added his voice to the announcement by the Interior Minister.

A-Plus reacting to news described politicians as "wicked people who "don't care" about the ordinary Ghanaian.

He said it was time politicians sought the welfare of the ordinary Ghanaian and stopped being selfish.

Speaking on Accra-based Class FM, he said "The problem that this country has, the problem that the politician has is that they are very wicked people...They don't care about the people."

He said if the politicians ensured the safety of every Ghanaian, they would not need to call for protection from bodyguards.

"Who wants to kill the king of Dubai? The king of Dubai drives himself around town; who wants to kill him?" he asked, adding that "If he attempts to commit suicide, the people won’t allow him to die because he has taken good care of them; because he has built a country for them, the people love him, the people want him to live long, they pray for him."

He wondered: "Who is praying for any Ghanaian politician?"