EPA chairman urges Ghanaian workers to unite for national development

As Ghanaian workers gear up to commemorate this year's International Workers' Day on May 1, Godsway Lawson Daniels, the Divisional Chairman of the Public Services Workers Union (PSWU) within the Trades Union Congress (TUC) of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has issued a rallying call for unity among all workers.

Godsway Lawson Daniels, the Divisional Chairman of the Public Services Workers Union (PSWU)

In a congratulatory message extended to Ghanaian workers, Daniels emphasized the crucial role of unity in advancing the nation's interests. He urged workers, particularly those in the public service sector, to uphold their commitment to serving Ghana for its growth and development.

Reflecting on the journey of workers thus far, Daniels underscored the importance of maintaining dedication to their responsibilities. "As workers, we've come too far to renege on our promise and dedication to work to build a country we all aspire to see in the near future," he affirmed during an interview.

Highlighting the imperative of environmental stewardship, Daniels urged workers to prioritize the protection of the environment and ecosystem. He cautioned against the indiscriminate cutting down of trees and advocated for afforestation efforts, even within homes, to mitigate the depletion of the ozone layer.


"As workers with diverse backgrounds, it is important that we use our expertise to promote good governance in our workplaces and to also support the state in eradicating extreme poverty in our society," Daniels admonished.

While calling upon the Trades Union Congress and other stakeholders to safeguard the interests of Ghanaian workers, Daniels emphasized the need for conducive work environments. He stressed the importance of creating conditions where workers can fully contribute their skills and efforts.

As Ghanaian workers prepare to commemorate International Workers' Day, Daniels' message resonates as a reminder of the collective responsibility towards national progress and the preservation of the environment for future generations.

Workers' Day, also known as International Workers' Day or Labour Day, is a global celebration observed on May 1st each year. It honours the contributions and achievements of workers worldwide and commemorates the historic struggles and victories of the labour movement.

The origins of Workers' Day can be traced back to the late 19th century when labour movements in various countries campaigned for better working conditions, fair wages, and the establishment of an eight-hour workday. One of the most significant events in the history of Workers' Day is the Haymarket affair, which occurred in Chicago, USA, in 1886. On May 1st of that year, workers held a peaceful rally to demand an eight-hour workday. The protest turned violent when a bomb exploded, leading to casualties among both police officers and demonstrators. The incident sparked widespread outrage and subsequent protests, eventually leading to the establishment of May 1st as International Workers' Day.


Today, Workers' Day is observed in many countries around the world with various activities, including rallies, marches, parades, and demonstrations. It serves as a day to advocate for workers' rights, highlight ongoing labour issues, and celebrate the achievements of the labour movement. Many countries, including Ghana also use the occasion to declare public holidays, allowing workers to take a day off to relax and participate in festivities.

Overall, Workers' Day is a significant event that symbolizes solidarity among workers and underscores the ongoing struggle for social and economic justice in the workplace.


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