Ghanaians express mixed-feeling over Comprehensive Sex Education

A cross-section of the general public has reacted to Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) in the country with mixed feelings.

BECE candidates

Beginning next year, pupils in all public schools, including 4-year-old will be given Comprehensive Sexuality Education. Officials said the subject content would be age-appropriate and empower pupils with values that would protect them from sexual harassment.

But the programme has come under intense criticism receiving bashing from a section of the public including church leaders with many describing it as a deliberate attempt to introduce homosexuality to Ghana.

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has called on Ghanaians to fast and pray for the Minister of Education, Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh after a move by the government to introduce into the education system; Comprehensive Sex Education.

Here are all the details of things that will be taught for the various age classes.

Pre-school (4-5 years)

What we believe in; how we interact

Personal Hygiene

Class 1 (6 years)

Values and Society

Personal hygiene

Myself: Being a male or a female

Class 2 (7 years)

Reflecting on our own attitudes

Personal hygiene

Roles and responsibilities as a child

Class 3 (8 years)

Recognizing if something is fair or unfair

Understanding inter-personal relationships

Families and relationships in our lives

Concept of gender

Class 4 (9 years)

Human growth Development life cycle

Knowing about one's body/sexual and reproductive organs

Seeking healthcare

Developing self-esteem

Leadership skills

Class 5 (10 years)

Religion and social values

Puberty/changes as we grow

Relationships: friendship, dating and courting

Population of Ghana

Class 6 (11 years)

Fertility, pregnancy related issues and childbirth

Relationships: Marriage and family life

Concept of gender: norms, roles and stereotyping

Decision making skills

Population as a resource

JHS 1 (12 years)

Norms in inter-personal relationships

Sources for SHR services

Fertility regulation - abstinence, contraceptives and other methods

Unintended pregnancies and abortions

Human rights

Sexual and reproductive health rights

JHS 2 (13 years)

Alcohol, drug and substance abuse

Respecting gender differences/dealing with gender discrimination

Gender and power relations


Negotiation skills

Assertive skills

JHS 3 (14 years)

Preventing common diseases/infections among adolescents

Seeking help for drug abuse

Developing self-esteem

Reproductive tract infections

About sexually transmitted infections

Protection against STIs and HIV

Some members of the public took to social media to demand the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the Education Ministry halt to the policy to save children.

Here's the full document of the curriculum: Comprehensive Sex Education

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