Samuel Ato Afful, the lecturer who teaches Journalism and Communications at AUCC joined the debate on the exposé on lecturers implicated in BBC's sex for grades.

Narrating his story, Samuel Ato said a female student who had failed assessments and was bound to trail his subjects approached him with the agenda to coerce him for better grades.

According to him, the student followed him to the office pleading and crying for better grades but he did not comply with her demands.

He stated that the student dropped an envelope containing money on the table and suggested offering her body if the money was insufficient adding that he [Samuel Ato Afful] asked her to leave his office.

He added that the lady about to leave removed her breast from the dress and told him to hold it.

He said: "…normally if you finish a class, sometimes they say they have problems so they want to see you so I try to make time for some of those things. Sometimes we stand at the car-park and talk, other times, they walk to the office so you’re entering your office and someone is following you...

"…I didn't even realize she was following me so I enter my office and then she comes in there pleading and almost crying… Then she drops an envelope, I realized that it was preconceived cos she had written the amount and my initials on it. It was 200 Ghana cedis. Means that it was planned so I was scared.

"I can't pass you because if you have failed my paper it's possible you’ve failed other papers too… So, I went like please get out but she wasn’t leaving. Now I could see her breast [she had taken her breast out]."


He stated that he decided not to make a fuss about it and reported the incident.

In Ghana, social media has picked up on a growing protest among female students who want lecturers, accused of pushing students to have sex with them in return for good grades, named and shamed. 

The practice has also permeated some of the working cultures in Ghana too, but now students are no longer willing to put up or shut up and they've taken their protest to the universities.

Legon sex for grades

Ghanaians across social media have called on lecturers, school authorities, and the government to take up responsibilities after the BBC Africa Eye report exposed two lecturers at the University of Ghana and the University of Lagos in a sex-for-grade scandal.

In the exposé, a lecturer from the College of Education, Dr. Paul Kwame Butakor, pleaded with a female student to become her side guy.

He said "Let me be your side boy, side guy…men have side chicks…I will not give you trouble…seriously I will not give you trouble…I will not give you trouble…I will not be a distraction to your life…let me be your side guy…"

Though the lecturer claimed he is married, he said his wife is not in the country but he would like to be by the side of the student and the female student should be his side guy.

"Maybe you’ll be my side and I’ll also be your side. Because of me, I'm married…my wife is not in the country though…my wife is out of the country," he said.