He said, should the National Democratic Congress (NDC) win the 2020 elections, he will ensure that the automatic promotion of teachers is reintroduced.

Mahama made the promise at the launch of fundraising platforms and the adoption of a constituency branch policy for the NDC.

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John Mahama
John Mahama

“We will bring back the automatic promotion of teachers and cancel the teacher licensure exams. They say that we introduced the licensure exams, [but] to be clear we never sort to use exams as a means of licensing teachers,” he stated.

The ex-President also said that he will ensure that political officeholders are stopped from purchasing state vehicles if he is voted back into power.

This, he said, is one of the key measures he intends to put in place in order to fight corruption in the country.

"One of the immediate measures we will take is to put an immediate and permanent end to the purchase of duty post vehicles by political appointees…Government vehicles will remain government vehicles,” he stressed.

The NDC flagbearer suggested a financing module with the collaboration of some financial institutions to aid political officeholder to purchase items they need.

He said his next government would collaborate with banks to offer credits to appointees who want to buy vehicles.

“We will work with the banks and financial institutions to enable appointees access credit so that they can acquire vehicles of their own,” Mahama added.