Prophet Oduro slams government over dumsor: 'What kind of nonsense is this?'

In the wake of widespread discontent over Ghana's persistent power outages, known locally as "dumsor," Prophet Kofi Oduro of the Alabaster International Ministry has delivered a scathing critique of the government's handling of the situation.

Angry prophet Oduro slams government over dumsor: 'What kind of nonsense is this?'

Ghanaians across various regions have been vocal about their frustration with the ongoing power cuts, exacerbated by the government's reluctance to acknowledge the crisis as a form of scheduled load-shedding. Adding to the public ire is the Electricity Company of Ghana's (ECG) refusal to provide a comprehensive timetable for the outages, leaving citizens in the dark both figuratively and literally.

During a sermon over the weekend, Prophet Kofi Oduro minced no words as he laid blame squarely on what he described as "flawed leadership" and "financial mismanagement." "Today, I slept outside, in my house, on three chairs combined. You can't sleep, because you are living in a nation that has no leadership," the prophet lamented.

Pointing fingers at the country's political elite, Prophet Oduro highlighted the disconnect between the privileges afforded to government officials and the struggles faced by ordinary citizens. "We voted for them, we've given them free food, free water, free fuel, free electricity, free everything, we have given them a salary and have asked them to fix our issues," he asserted.

With a mix of frustration and disbelief, the prophet condemned the government's inability to address what he perceived as a fundamental issue of financial mismanagement. "Electricity is a common amenity, what is happening is not a lack of supply, it is a money issue and if it is a money issue, it is mismanagement," he emphasized.


Prophet Oduro's impassioned sermon resonated with many Ghanaians who feel disillusioned by the current state of affairs. "Hope must be restored," he urged, offering prayers and positive affirmations for a resolution to the crisis.

Prophet Kofi Oduro's outspoken condemnation adds to the voices of many frustrated Ghanaians who have been demanding accountability and effective leadership in addressing pressing challenges that have bedeviled the country's power sector.


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