Political differences aren’t the only factor adding ammunition the war in Syria.

There’s one, major element that’s adding fuel to the fire of conflict and it’s a little pill called “Captagon.”

The drug, which is made in Syria, is highly addictive and sells for just under ₵76.00 ( $20) a pill. Not only do users stay up for days on the substance, it is also fueling the underbelly of Syria’s economy, giving militia members what many describe as super human-like qualities.

“You can’t sleep or even close your eyes, forget about it,” a Lebanese user told BBC Arabic. “And whatever you take to stop it, nothing can stop it.”

Syria is rapidly becoming notorious for giving warfighters amphetamines to give them the push they need to fight for hours and hours on end. Metro US also reports that this is the drug of choice of ISIS.

A Syrian drug officer’s first-hand account on dealing with Captagon tells it all:

“We would beat them, and they wouldn’t feel the pain. Many of them would laugh while we were dealing them heavy blows,” he said. “We would leave the prisoners for about 48 hours without questioning them while the effects of Captagon wore off, and then interrogation would become easier.”

Most countries have banned the drug, which was originally used to treat those suffering from hyperactivity and depression, because of major side-effects which include brain damage and psychosis.


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