He said the founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) cannot be considered to be of the right virtues.

Speaking on the legacy of the former head of state, Kabila differed on popular opinion which praises the firm leadership of Flt. Lt. (Rtd) Rawlings.

To him, the late Rawlings showed a bad example as a former president.

He said, "In my honest opinion, he had positives and negatives. But his negatives were far more than his positives. He showed very bad examples as a former head of state. This is my personal opinion. As I said, he had positives and negatives but in my conclusion, his negatives were more than the positives and so I will conclude that he is not a good inspiration for Ghana.”

He described the late Rawlings as one who encouraged insults and the youth of this country should not emulate him.

The final funeral rites of the former President started in Accra last nite. The 3-day funeral service will end on Wednesday.

While filing past his body this morning, the Director of Elections for the NDC, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah said the late former President Rawlings used state resources to serve the people of Ghana when he was the head of state.


Mr. Ankrah said that Mr Rawlings never acquired wealth at the expense of Ghanaians.

He said the former military leader doesn’t have houses spread across the country as some of critics claimed.

“Rawlings came into politics to serve the society, he used state resources to benefit the people,” he said.

He added “ Rawlings provided water extended electricity several rural areas across the country. Where are Rawling’s houses in Ghana? Where is his secret bank account people he claimed he had?”