This may be what your fruits,vegetables go through to look fresh & it's sick! [Must Watch]

This shocking video shows the length people go through to preserve bad fruits passed off as fresh and healthy ones, it's a must watch and share video!

Fresh fruits

Everyone loves fresh fruits and vegetables as they have immense health benefits.

From the roadside hawkers to the grocery store, the sight of fresh fruits and veggies beckon everytime, whilst it's best to load on fresh fruits that help the body's health, you should buy fruits from trusted sources/grocery stores.

Unfortunately a lot of the overnight grocery stores albeit pricey offer unhealthy fruitspassed off healthy because of how fresh and appealing they seem to people.


This shocking video that is currently trending shows the sick ways fruits are being kept fresh... in the long run they are way unhealthy for the body as they are preserved with chemicals and artificial colours.

Watch and see for yourself above.

Be sure to get your fruits from trusted sources.


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