Singer wants Jude Okoye kicked out!

Peter Okoye in a bunch of tweets says he no longer wants Jude Okoye to manage Psquare.

Peter Okoye and brother, Jude Okoye

"I don't have a problem with Paul but the management" tweeted Peter Okoye. "My loyalty for psquare and the fans still remains 100%" he stated before adding "A manager is been employed by the artiste not the other way round. #truthBeTold."

The relationship between the brothers Peter Okoye and Jude Okoye has broken down to the extent that the singer tweeted a disclaimer stating that whoever does business with North Side Entertainment on behalf of Psquare is at his or her own risk.


"Pls who so ever makes any transaction with Northside Entertainment or Jude Okoye on Psquare's behalf does so at their on risk. #warning." If you are still doubting that Peter Okoye is fed up of Jude Okoye the pop star also tweeted this about the family run business "Family business can be pain in the a$$."

Read Peter Okoye's tweets below;

Jude Okoye and Paul Okoye have not reacted or responded to Peter Okoye's rant last night.

Jude Okoye has been the manager of Psquare since the group came into existence. On his Instagram page Jude Okoye's bio reads "President/C.E.O Northside Inc. Managers of Psquare & ."


This is the second time in two years that the Psquare brand has been involved in a public rift of sorts. In April, 2014 there were strong rumours that .

It was reported that Peter Okoye refused to do anything with Psquare because he reportedly felt his input and contributions were not being seriously considered. Some reports went as far as saying that a lawyer had been summoned to split the Psquare fortune into two so that Peter Okoye could walk away.

Cooler heads prevailed and the twins were persuaded be one again. They released their sixth studio album '' after the split fiasco.


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