A closer look at the life of cybersecurity expert, Mervyn

Mervyn is a Singapore-based cybersecurity expert who hopes to help private companies build better cyber defense systems.


Q. Tell us about yourself.

A. My name is Goh En Wei but most people know me as Mervyn. I was born in Singapore and turned twenty-three this year. I have a Bachelor's degree in cybersecurity and I have worked as a Cyber Security Analyst for several private companies. I am also a blockchain manager and a private hedge fund manager for high-net-worth clients who are interested in creating or improving their cryptocurrency portfolios.

Q. When did you start working for private companies?

A. Well, before I started working as an ethical hacker, I was a blackhat. I decided to turn the other way because I wanted to use my expertise to strengthen the backbone of companies that are vulnerable to cyber threats and security issues because they lack domain knowledge and are thus left open for cyber attacks.

Q. How did your interest in cybersecurity come about?

A. Well, I've always been the curious sort. I grew up in a time when cybersecurity or lack of it and its consequences were all the news. That captivated my imagination so I enrolled myself in several programming courses and taught myself various key languages to build basic programs. I think my Eureka moment or the moment when I started to take my skills seriously came when I started developing hacks and formulating exploits and cheats for MapleStory, a popular video game. I was only 14 but become aware of the power of the internet. Thankfully, I wasn't committed to exploiting it but exploring it. As I grew and my expertise grew with me, I decided to undertake those projects that could help me understand the world of cybersecurity better. Luckily for me, I found that I had made the right choice.


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