APSONIC: Official partner of CAF gives new impetus to the AFCON 2023

The giant APSONIC, one of the undisputed leaders of the motorcycle industry in Africa, now official sponsor of the African Cup of Nations AFCON 2023.

Signing ceremony of the contract between CAF and APSONIC on October 9, 2023.

The world of football and motorcycles have recently intertwined in a historic collaboration where APSONIC, becomes the only motorcycle brand to sponsor the 34th edition of the largest sporting event in Africa which will take place in Côte d’Ivoire from January 13 to February 11, 2024.

APSONIC through this partnership with CAF (Confederation of African Football) is increasingly propelling itself onto the international scene. Statistics indicate that around 1 billion people from more than 90 countries will tune in to this widely watched event, often jokingly dubbed "Africa's wake-up hour."

A Story of Quality and Excellence Uniting Football and Motorcycles

Recognized for its commitment to motorcycle innovation and quality, APSONIC is expanding its influence by associating its name with one of Africa's most prestigious sporting events. Present for two decades in nearly twenty African countries, this pan-African brand evolves with market trends, continually raising the standards of the motorcycle industry. APSONIC's vision to make driving accessible to everyone makes it an industry benchmark.

Since its inception, APSONIC has been committed to providing safe, reliable and innovative motorcycles that meet the varied needs of consumers. Like a football team constantly looking for innovations on the field to make a difference and win, each APSONIC motorcycle model is designed with advanced engineering, ensuring quality exceeding expectations, optimal performance and an unparalleled driving experience.

APSONIC therefore embodies the spirit of performance and excellence that drives the 24 qualified teams who will compete in the six stadiums planned for the competition, with the ultimate objective of lifting the Cup on the evening of February 11, 2024.

APSONIC, a Brand Anchored in African Daily Life

With its in-depth understanding of social life in Africa, APSONIC understands that football and motorcycling are essential to a fulfilling life. Both of these are not just leisure activities, but an integral part of daily life. Football transcends its status as a simple sport to become a source of identity and community pride, while the motorcycle, with its powerful roar, symbolizes personal mobility and adventure.

The union between APSONIC and CAF is not just a business collaboration, but an authentic celebration of African life. APSONIC recognizes that football and motorcycling are catalysts for social connection, generating positive energy and enabling individual growth.

Thus, through its partnership with CAF, APSONIC seeks to amplify these two essential aspects of a fulfilling life which represent shared experiences, memorable moments and links weaving the social web of Africa. By supporting sport, APSONIC helps unite nations and inspire African youth.

AFCON 2023 provides an exceptional platform to celebrate sporting excellence and encourage young people to pursue their dreams. As an official sponsor, APSONIC becomes the engine of inspiration, proving that dedication and perseverance can lead to victory. APSONIC reminds us of this through its AFCON slogan, “Victory starts right at our feet”. Indeed, every step, whether on the football field or in everyday life, is a step towards victory, a journey where resilience, effort and passion chart the path to success.

The Adventure Begins: Experience AFCON 2023 with APSONIC

With the announcement of this collaboration, the exciting adventure of AFCON 2023 takes on a new dimension.

APSONIC invites football fans, motorcycle fans and all enthusiasts to join this unique celebration where the power of sport and the adrenaline of motorcycle riding meet.

Together, let's make the AFCON 2023 a memorable chapter in our collective history, a celebration where the boundaries between the playing field and the road blur, giving way to an immersive and captivating experience. It is a call to the communion of passions, the fusion of emotions and the creation of memories that transcend time. Join us and let us be the architects of this celebration, where the power of sport and the passion for the road intertwine in a grandiose symphony.

APSONIC, Good quality, Good life!



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