One foot in the semi-final: Black Satellites celebrate the Aziz-party against Gambia

After the goalless draw in the first game, Ghana wanted to take the first step towards the semi-finals. And they succeeded! The Black Satellites beat Gambia well-deservedly and thanks to the goals of the two Aziz guys with 3:1.

Starboy Abdul Aziz Issah celebrates his goal to make it 2:0.

In the first group game, it was Musibau Aziz who provided the most dangerous moment of the match with his crossbar goal. On Tuesday evening, it was again Aziz who created the most dangerous moment early on and put Ghana on the road to victory. He capitalized on a goalkeeping error and scored Ghana's first goal of the tournament. After that, the game fell asleep a little; Gambia tried to make several offensive pinpricks, but Ghana dominated the game. The Black Satellites were the more active team with more possession and more attacking action.

The start of the second half was about to get sleepy too – but Abdul Aziz Issah didn't like that! The Dreams FC starboy picks up a rebound from the goalkeeper, breaks his ankle with a slick move, and fires the ball into the net. Ghana then dominated the game and dictated the pace, repeatedly making dangerous forays into the final third, while Zambia barely managed any attacking moves apart from one dangerous exception. In the 73rd minute, Ghana had the chance to put the finishing touches to the game, but Musibau Aziz shot the awarded penalty so badly that the goalkeeper had no trouble keeping it out.

And that gave Zambia renewed courage; they reduced the deficit to 2:1, had further chances but deservedly missed the equalizer. Shortly before the end, it was Afriyie who sealed the deal with a superb goal to probably send Ghana through to the semi-finals.


14th minute; Musibau Aziz; 1:0 – The ball, which Emmanuel Mensah tries to play across the field towards the right wing, actually goes far too wide, and the goalkeeper is there to intercept the ball. But suddenly the ball slips out of his fingers, Aziz speculates, is in the right place, and slots the ball in.

49th minute; Abdul Aziz Issah; 2:0 – Abdul Sulemana runs onto a pass into the deep but fails to beat the onrushing goalkeeper. The ball bounces to Aziz Issah, who coolly dribbles past the goalkeeper, who has jumped up again, and then shoots the ball into the bottom right-hand corner. Well done!

83rd minute; Mansour Mbye; 2:1 Zambia takes advantage of the coordination problems in Ghana's defense, grabs the ball, and sends it into the bottom right corner, leaving the goalkeeper no chance to react.


90th minute; Jerry Afriyie; 3:1 – Afriyie grabs the ball after a mistake by the Gambian full-back, dribbles around the defenders like slalom poles, and shoots the ball into the top right-hand corner. Well done!

Abdul Aziz Issah. Not only does he often look for the direct route to goal in his attacking play, but he also looks for his teammates to make them shine. A strong game from the lively little attacking midfielder, which he crowns with his super-cool goal. He was substituted in the 80th minute to great applause. One to keep an eye on for the future!


Youkasseh Sanyang. Awkward how he behaved before the 1:0 and simply let go of this simple ball. Made one strong save before the 2-0 and saved the penalty, but with this action at the start of the game, he not only ruined his team's game plan but also opened the door to victory for the Ghanaians.

A glance at the team sheet, which is distributed to the media before the game, triggers a few puzzled looks. Abdul Sulemana, a player who was not only not even in the squad for the first game but is also listed as a player from the French side Olympique Lyon, is in the starting eleven. Nobody knows exactly who this player is. It doesn't matter to Sulemana; he impresses with his lively, agile style and is at the origin of the 1:0 and also the 2:0. Gets off after 60 minutes and a strong performance – even if nobody knows exactly who he is (yet).

On Friday evening at 5 p.m., Ghana faces the Black Satellites at the University of Ghana Sports Stadium. Congo will host Gambia in a big showdown at the Accra Sports Stadium at the same time. Depending on the outcome of the latter match, Ghana could even qualify for the semi-finals with a loss, but with a draw, they're through for sure.

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