The Federation of Football Associations Disciplinary Committee has instructed Angolan Club Progresso Association Du Sambizanga to Raphael Obeng some money owed him.

The striker who played for Accra Hearts of Oak in the 2008/2009 season moved from Telefonat Beni Suef in Egypt to Angola in January 2015.

Pulse Sports caught up with Raphael Obeng to unravel the story which unfolded in Angola with the said club.

Raphael Obeng first spoke on the contract terms he had with the club and the fact that he was not allowed to play matches in the Angolan league because he had not received required documents

“I signed a two year contract with the club with a monthly salary of $5000 and a signing on fee of $200,000”

I played 16 friendly games with the reserve side of the club when the league had started. I was not allowed to play in any competitive game with the club because my International Transfer Certificate (ITC) had not reached the club.”

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Obeng played friendlies with the club for six months without being paid his monthly salary as he waited for his ITC to arrive.

Obeng then got the message that his ITC had arrived and he should prepare for his next game only for the club to rescind on that information when he requested for his signing on fee.

“I got the message that the ITC is in and that I should prepare for the next game. I then asked for the signing on fee and that was when they came back to tell me the ITC had not arrived.

“They also told me that the signing on fee was not for me but it was for the vice-president, the coach and the two agents that brought me into the club.”

Obeng then tried to agree with the club and requested to take 50% of the signing on fee which was disagreed.

“I later requested for 50% of the signing on fee and walk away but the club was only willing to offer me 20-10% of the money”.

"They later brought me a letter to sign in order to terminate my contract which i did not adhere to."

Raphael Obeng then left the club to play for Egyptian club Ceremica Cleopatra and the case with Progresso Association Du Sambizanga was then filed to FIFA by Sports Consultant Ms Eby Emenike.

Progresso Association Du Sambizanga has then be ordered to pay an amount close to the signing on fee and six month salary owed him.

The club are set to face sanctions if the order from the FIFA Disciplinary Committee is not adhered to.