The form Black Stars midfielder and Menaye Donkor have been married for the past ten years and they have been blessed with two kids.

It appears the couple are fond of each other judging from the way they have been flaunting their relationship on social media.

However, reports are circulating that Menaye and her mother-in-law don’t see eye to eye, but the former Miss Malaika beauty queen has debunked those claims saying Hajia Kande is a lovely lady.

“She (Hajia Kande) is a lovely lady, I met her before we got married and we really got along well, I don’t know who said that but the talks and speculations are all over but at the end of the day what is important is the fact that the two being involved are okay,” she added.

She said they intentionally decided not to hold any lavish white wedding after doing the traditional marriage.

“We did a traditional wedding ceremony and that was what my Dad wanted which is the normal way so Sulley’s family respected that. We never did a white wedding because we all didn’t want to at that moment. I wanted to but after the traditional wedding, he was moving to another Club in England so relocating and all that was a whole lot and we didn’t want to add up plans for a white wedding.

“I think (white wedding) is just a party and not a wedding because if you have already registered your marriage with your wife then legally you are his wife. It is just a party and we have parties every day.”