Ghana's impressive record-breaking medal tally at the 13th African Games

Ghana has achieved a historic milestone in sporting excellence by securing its highest medal haul ever at the 13th African Games.

13th African Games in Ghana

The nation's athletes displayed outstanding prowess, determination, and resilience, bringing home an impressive collection of medals across various disciplines.

The African Games, held every four years, serve as a platform for athletes from across the continent to compete and showcase their talents. This year's edition witnessed Ghanaian athletes shine brightly, surpassing previous records and making the nation proud.

Ghana's contingent claimed a remarkable total of medals, marking a significant achievement in the country's sporting history. A total of 68 medals comprising 19 gold, 29 silver, and 20 bronze, were earned by athletes who excelled in events ranging from athletics and boxing to swimming and judo.

The outstanding performance of Ghanaian athletes highlights the nation's growing prominence in the African sporting arena. Their success reflects years of dedication, hard work, and rigorous training, as well as the unwavering support provided by various stakeholders in the sports sector.


Among the standout performances was the stellar showing by Ghana's track and field athletes, who clinched numerous medals in sprinting, long-distance running, and jumping events. Additionally, Ghanaian boxers demonstrated their strength and skill in the boxing ring, securing victories and adding to the medal tally.

In swimming, Ghana's representatives showcased their talent by competing fiercely against their counterparts from other African nations. Their impressive performances contributed significantly to Ghana's overall medal count and underscored the nation's potential in aquatic sports.

Accra 2023 marked a significant milestone for Ghana as the nation hosted the Games for the first time, featuring the highest number of disciplines in the history of the event. Ghana's impressive performance saw it finish sixth out of 53 participating nations, marking a substantial improvement from its 15th position in the 2019 Rabat edition, where the team returned with 13 medals.

Compared to the Rabat event, which hosted 26 disciplines, the Accra 2023 Games featured three additional disciplines, highlighting the growth and expansion of the event over the years. The just-ended edition brought together 5,000 elite athletes and coaches from 54 African countries, competing in 29 multi-sports disciplines over three weeks.

Ghana's improved ranking and increased participation reflect the nation's commitment to sports excellence and its capacity to host a successful and inclusive event of such magnitude.


The success of Ghana's athletes at the 13th African Games is a testament to their determination, perseverance, and commitment to excellence. It also reflects the effectiveness of the country's sports development programs and initiatives aimed at nurturing talent and promoting participation in various sporting disciplines.

As Ghana celebrates this historic achievement, the government, sports authorities, and stakeholders in the sports sector are encouraged to continue investing in the development of sports infrastructure, training facilities, and grassroots programs by providing athletes with the necessary support and resources, Ghana can further elevate its status as a powerhouse in African sports and inspire future generations of athletes to reach greater heights on the global stage.

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