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#IWD2018 These women smashed stereotypes, changed Ghana yet they are forgotten by history

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Credit where credit is due. Here are women you probably don't remember from history, but should.

Women have brought countless amazing contributions to society throughout history, yet their accomplishments have often been passed over due to their gender.

From successfully leading Ghana to freedom, these women have done remarkable things.

Credit where credit is due. Here are women you probably don't remember from history, but should.

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Hannah Cudjoe


She was known as “Convention Hannah”. Hannah was a strong crusader in the pursuit of Ghana’s independence. When the men were down she was always available to carry the agenda and see it through the end. In the days of the 1948 riot when the BIG SIX were arrested, Hannah Cudjoe mobilized a mammoth gathering of Ghanaians from all works of life. She led them to petition the colonial masters for the release of the big six. Hannah is credited as the founder of the All African Women’s League in 1960, a strong reflection of her role in the Independence struggle. 


Mabel Dove Danquah


This woman was the first female member of the legislative assembly in 1954 in Gold Coast. Mabel was an avid writer who used her journalistic skills to challenge colonial supremacy and female rights in the 1950s. Using a women’s column in the times of West Africa Newspaper, she shared her strong feminine stand on colonial dominance in Ghana enlightened the populace on happenings within the Gold Coast. Ama was a fearless woman who showed great courage just like the great African leader Nkrumah. She gave everyone a reason to still fight on.

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Sophia Oboshie Doku


She was also another devoted lady who contributed to the independence struggle and one of the first female parliamentarians in the first parliament in the first republic of Ghana under Ghana’s first president Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. She was a political activist that served in various capacities.


Susanna Al-Hassan

Susanna is the first northern female hero who helped in the struggle for independence. She was a Ghanaian author and politician. She was the first African woman to hold a cabinet portfolio and became the first female to be appointed a minister. She also served as the Member of Parliament for the northern region.